Can I return the vehicle if it's not up to standard?

Yes, you can return it within three days or 150 miles.

While we strive to be as transparent and clear with you about all the used vehicles for sale on our site, we understand that your online purchase might not be what you were expecting. Disappointment can sometimes be one of the drawbacks for any online shopping experience, that's why we take care of our customers with a Money Back Guarantee!

Each Rumble Ready used vehicle for sale online comes with a 3-day, 150-mile Money Back Guarantee. This allows you the time to take your ride for a spin and really test it out. If you decide that the car, truck, ATV, or motorcycle you bought isn't exactly what you were looking for after all, you may return it for a refund within three days or 150 miles.

All vehicles returned using the Money Back Guarantee are picked up by our RumbleOn drivers. After we come to pick up the vehicle, all funds associated with your purchase will be reimbursed and should register in your account within three days. If you have financed your purchase with a loan, we will cancel the loan with your lender. 

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