How do I get my cash offer payment?

Depending on your preference, you will receive your payment through direct deposit or check.

Since everyone is different, we leave you the ability to choose whether you would prefer to receive your Cash Offer payment through direct deposit or a check. While a direct deposit is quicker, easier, and more efficient, we completely understand if you'd prefer for a check to be sent to your place of residence. 

Want to use your Cash Offer as a motorcycle trade in value? We make it easy to apply your Cash Offer toward the purchase price of any RumbleOn vehicle in our inventory. You can trade a car for a motorcycle, an ATV for a truck, and anything in between.

If you're interested in what kind of RumbleOn vehicles you use for your trade, you can read more here. Or get started searching through our Certified inventory of pre-owned vehicles for sale and trade for a ride that catches your eye! 

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