How does RumbleOn determine my cash offer?

We research live marketplace data to determine your cash offer.

We use sophisticated calculations and resources such as NADA and NPA to help us determine the live market value of your motorcycle's year, make, and model. Since we are able to access this information in real-time, the data we obtain is the most up-to-date of any other resource out there, and use this information to arrive at your Cash Offer. The Cash Offers we give will never reflect our opinion, just the NPA-supported value of your motorcycle within the current market.

Many people think that our Cash Offers should directly reflect what is found on sites such as Kelley Blue Book. However, Kelley Blue Book is a tool that's used to determine the retail value of a motorcycle, and often have dealer profit margins already factored in. It's also important to realize that KBB motorcycle values can be many months old and aren't accurate representations of your motorcycle's current value. This outdated information further skews the value given by KBB, which is why Kelley Blue Book often does not accurately reflect the true value of your motorcycle.

Want more information? Head to our blog to read more about what goes into our Cash Offers and why sites like Kelley Blue Book are not accurate.

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