I traded in my vehicle with a competitor, can I submit it for the RumbleOn OBO $250 reward payout?

No, the O.B.O. Program does not include trade-in offer matches.

We understand how competitive the market for used vehicles is, which is why we introduced the RumbleOn O.B.O. Program. However, the O.B.O. Program might not be a good fit for everyone, especially when a seller opts to trade in their vehicle at a dealership instead of selling it outright. 

When it comes to dealership inventory, there are often profit margins and other allowances factored into sales prices. For these reasons, a dealer is able to haggle the price before arriving at a trade-in value for your vehicle. So, when a vehicle trade-in is conducted at a dealership, RumbleOn is not able to honor competitor trade-in valuations as eligible for the RumbleOn O.B.O. Program. 

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