What if I don't like my cash offer?

If you don't like your Cash Offer, you are not obligated to accept it or sell your motorcycle to us.

We understand that RumbleOn might not be for everyone, and some vehicle owners might not get the Cash Offer they're looking for. If that is the case, we appreciate you giving us a chance to earn your business, and highly suggest that you sell your motorcycle privately. We aim to create a seamless experience to buy, trade, and sell motorcycles online, but if this process isn't one that works for you, we wish you the best of luck in your future selling endeavors! 

However, if you do decide to accept your Cash Offer, you can choose to either get paid through direct deposit or a mailed check. Want to use your offer as a motorcycle trade-in value? RumbleOn gladly accepts trades and makes it easy to apply your Cash Offer toward the purchase price of any RumbleOn vehicle. Read more about online motorcycle trades or check out the different RumbleOn vehicles we have in our inventory.

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