Why do you ask for a deposit?

The fully-refundable deposit places a hold on the vehicle and will remove it from the site so that others may not purchase it.

Placing a hold on one of the used trucks, cars, ATVs, or motorcycles we have for sale tells us of your intentions to purchase it. Once we have a $250 cash commitment on any vehicle in our inventory, we are able to take it off the website for 24 hours. This prevents others from being able to buy the vehicle you have expressed interest in. Without the deposit, it would still be available for anybody else to purchase.

Hold deposits are securely processed through PayPal, and It’s important to remember that the deposit to place a hold is fully refundable. Once the purchase is complete, the deposit can either be immediately refunded or used toward the purchase price of the vehicle you plan to buy. Should you decide not to buy the vehicle, the $250 will be refunded to your account. Please note that this $250 transaction process may take anywhere from two to three days for your account to recognize.

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